About D3W3

D3W3 is short for Day 3 Week 3. Simpler than that, it is the third Wednesday of every month and Alton Rugby Club is hosting live music.

The Arboretum ProjectThe evening is designed to give performers the chance to take centre stage and we open doors at 7:30pm and aim to get music playing soon after 8pm.

There are opportunities for people to play all genres of music including acoustic/folk/world music from 8pm till 9pm and then we usually have one or two showcase slots between 9pm and 10pm

Non alcoholic drinks available for performers and audience below the legal age, new young talent very welcome.

We run from 7:30pm till 10pm. Late enough to get home and be bright for work the next day!

"Talk to us, we like nothing more than supporting live music"


"It goes without saying that D3W3 would not be possible without the enormous generosity of people like: David Fury for amplification equipment and mixing the live sound to a delightful level. Also, Iain Cooper [Coops Acoustic Sessions], a master sound mixing talent and provider of heaps of equipment and technical know-how and they're both rather good on guitar as well!.
A huge stack of gratitude to all of those not mentioned specifically, but who help in many other ways and all very much appreciated, it wouldn't happen without you."

"Raise a glass for all of the bar staff and other helpers who keep the audience well watered. Many thanks,"