Archive: Past D3W3 events

Call Me Ishmael
Call Me Ishmael

Whaled by: Jack Bancroft, Colin & Ian & David, Eden Blacklist, Jake, Boathead, Jarath Gilgour and Blackthorn Stick

Iain Cooper

Swamped by: Colin, Ian & David (The Alton Novelty Duo Band of Three) and Call Me Ishmael

Jim Chorley
Jim Chorley

Crop encircled by: Silver Strummer (Clive), Colin & Ian, Call Me Ishmael and The Brothers Allen

Sue Hart
Sue Hart

Lovingly joined by: Dylan, Silver Strummer (or surfer), Jo, Francis, Call Me Ishmael and Tom

The Real Raj
The Real Raj With Cellist, Kelly

Served by: Coops, Oscar, Jo, Nick & Richard Platt, Graham & Pam, Silver Strummer, Jake Archer (bass) and Mike Grogan

Jake Archer
All home grown Fanastic evening of musical delights

Rocked by: Call Me Ishmael, Iain Cooper (Coops), Ed Allen, Jake Archer (wicked bass) and Mike Grogan

17 Dec 2015  (Wed 8.00pm - 10.00)   A r c h i v e
The night before Christmas Splendid turn out for an impromptu d3w3.
Blessed by: Call Me Ishmael and more Christmas treats

Darren Black
Darren Black

OMAS and Irish inspired group session: Colin Matthews, Dylan Smith and Andrew Peisley
Irish session: Clive, Pete, Phil, Keri, Tony, and Barry

Beck of Acoustic Goth
O M A Session with Beck Siàn and Jonathan Kershaw

Special guests - Daniel and Joel, Marcus, Colin and David, Louise, Phil and Chris, Andrew and Oscar

Art as film evening
Art as Film

Award winning short films introduced by their creators. It was a real visual treat of an evening.

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